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This metric shows the engagement record of your contacts to whom you’ve sent an email or SMS. This simply tells you the engagement percentage of your audience on a particular day of the week or time of the day. 

This is an important metric because having the knowledge of when the contacts interacted with your messages are helpful in scheduling your next campaign with success.

To see the engagement, Go to Analytics → Engagement.

FunnelKit Automations - Engagement tab in Analytics

You have the option to select a date range, engagement by day of the week as well as by hour of the day. 

Let’s look at the sections in detail.

Open By Weekday

You can view the engagement status here by seeing what percentage of your audience opened the emails/SMSs received from you on a particular day of the week.

Engagement - Open By Weekday

Open By Hour

Here you can see what percentage of your audience opened your emails/SMSs at a specific hour of the day.

Engagement - Open By Hour

And this summarises the breakdown of the Analytics section of FunnelKit Automations.