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Setting Up SMTP Plugin

In the following documentation, we have provided the list of recommended plugins along with the official links to set them up.

We recommend WP Offload SES Lite for Amazon SES SMTP service provider, WP Mail SMTP for SendGrid, Mailgun, Elastic Email (Elastic Email Sender) as well as Postmark for WordPress to set up Postmark SMTP.

Amazon SES

Download WP Offload SES Lite plugin.

To set up Amazon SES using WP Offload SES Lite, click here.

Alternatively, you can refer to this video below:


Download the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

To set up SendGrid SMTP using WP Mail SMTP, click here.


Download the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

To set up Mailgun SMTP using WP Mail SMTP, click here.


Download the Postmark for WordPress plugin.

To set up Postmark SMTP using Postmark for WordPress, click here.

Elastic Email

Download the Elastic Email Sender plugin.

To set up Elastic Email SMTP using Elastic Email Sender, click here.

🔔 Note: Make sure to set the MIME type to 'HTML' before sending your emails. Click here to know more.

Once configured, you'll be able to send your emails with FunnelKit Automations without worrying about deliverability and blacklisting issues.