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A/B Testing Broadcasts

A/B Testing allows you to split test your campaigns. From the subject lines to the email body and more, to see the winner.

You even have the ability to send the winning variant of split test results to the remaining contacts with the use of smart send option of FunnelKit Automations.

In the following documentation, you’ll learn how to A/B test your email broadcasts.

Step 1: Create a new email broadcast

Go to the Broadcasts section in FunnelKit Automations.

Then, click on “Create Email Broadcast”.

Create email broadcast

Step 2: Name your email broadcast

Enter the name of your new email broadcast.

Name your A/B testing email broadcast

Once done, click on Add.

This will create your email broadcast. You’ll then be redirected to the email editor page.

Step 3: Select A/B testing

Here you can make modifications to your broadcast title and choose the type of broadcast.

Since we are under A/B testing, here you can choose A/B Testing under Type.

Select A/B test email broadcast type

Now, click on Next.

Step 4: Select your contacts to whom you want to broadcast this email

You can send the broadcast to all your contacts or add filters to select specific recipients.

Segment your contacts to whom you want to send A/B broadcast

Here, we will be selecting all our customers who have a total order count of more than 4.

All you have to do is select the filter as WooCommerce and make the total order count more than 4. Then, hit Filter.

Click on Next when you’ve segmented your contacts.

Step 5: Add a variant

Now, you’ve to add at least two email variants for A/B testing. Click on + Add Variant to get started.

Add a variant

Please note that Control is your first variant. If you add any other variant, it’ll be called Variant A, B, and so on.

Step 6: Create content for both of these variants

Choose your template and start writing the emails that you want to send to your contacts.

Here, we have created the email body for our first variant (Control).

Create the email body for our first variant (Control)

Similarly, create content for your other variant.

Create the email body for our second variant A

You can also enable the Smart Sending option here. Once you enable smart sending, FunnelKit Automations will send this broadcast to the sample size you defined.

After the specified wait time, it’ll analyze the successful email variant based on the number of opens and send that variant to the remaining recipients.

Enable smart sending

This option is good when you are A/B testing broadcasts to a large number of your contacts.

Click on Next.

Step 7: Send your broadcast

You can review all the information related to your broadcast right here on this step. 

Scroll down to the Schedule section.

Choose between Send Now to immediately broadcast your email or Schedule to a specific date and time.

And it's done. You’ve successfully A/B tested your email broadcast. 

To check which variant performed better, simply click on View details under Overview.

Similarly, you can perform A/B tests on your SMS broadcasts.