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What are Goals?

A goal is a way to move a contact to another location within an automation as soon as they meet the specific conditions to do so.

Your automation goals could be anything from any/specific product purchased, the link gets clicked, contact subscribes to your newsletter, and more.

Once a contact satisfies the assigned goal, you can end the automation.

However, if your assigned goal doesn’t get accomplished, you can configure your automation based on it.

How Do Goals Work?

The primary objective of goals is to help you measure the effectiveness of your automation.

Let's understand this way - a contact traverses the automation step by step (as you have assigned in your workflow).

If the Goal step is found along the way, it'll skip all the previous steps and jump to it in order to execute further steps in your automation.

Different Goals We offer

FunnelKit Automations has different goals based on the use case you're trying to accomplish:

  • The order created (any) or a specific order created
  • Contact added to a particular list
  • A specific tag added to a contact
  • Contact subscribes to your mailing list
  • A link gets clicked by a contact
  • A tag gets removed from a contact
  • Contact gets removed from a list

To set up a goal in your sequence, click on the (+) icon and select Goal.

Add goal

Select the goal of your automation.

Here are the goals you get under FunnelKit Automations:

Goals under FunnelKit Automations

You get one goal of order creation under WooCommerce:

Goals under WooCommerce

We will select the WooCommerce - Order Created goal here.

Configure the goal of your automation

You can specify a product or proceed with any product here.

If your contact doesn't meet the specified goal, you can select one of the following options:

  • Wait until the goal is met - The active contact in the automation will wait and not proceed further until the goal has been reached.
  • Continue anyway - The active contact in the automation will continue and go to the next step.
  • End this automation - The automation will end here.

Click on Save when done.

What Happens If a Contact Reaches the Goal Node?

When a contact accomplishes a goal, it skips all the previous steps and reaches the Goal step.

Further, if there are any steps after Goal, it'll start executing those steps on your workflow.

However, if there are no steps, then it'll end the automation.

That's why goals measure the effectiveness and boost the performance of your automations.

That’s it! This was all about setting goals in your automation.