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Filtering Contacts

FunnelKit Automations works brilliantly to help you segment your contacts with the help of filters.

To filter your contacts using FunnelKit Automations, go to Contacts and click on the dropdown as shown below:

Click on the dropdown to apply any filter

Next, select Advanced Filters.

Then, click on the + Add New Filter button.

You’ll see different options here:


You can filter your contacts using status, tags, and lists. This way, the contacts which are associated with those statuses and tags/lists will only show up.

Filter contacts by Segments in FunnelKit Automations

Contact Details

Filter contacts using their basic information such as first or last name, email, company, date of birth, gender, and more.

Filter contacts by Contact Details in FunnelKit Automations


Filter your contacts using the WordPress user (based on the user role or is already a user) on your website.

Filter contacts by user in FunnelKit Automations

Custom Field

Filter your contacts using the custom fields you created within FunnelKit Automations.


You can filter your contacts using an address, country/region, state, city, or postal code.

Filter contacts by Geography in FunnelKit Automations


Filter contacts using WooCommerce purchases such as items bought, revenue, order date, average order value, used coupons, purchase product categories/tags, etc.

Filter contacts by WooCommerce in FunnelKit Automations


Filter contacts using the engagement stats on your campaigns such as engaged, unengaged, last click, last login, link triggered, last open, last click, and more.

Filter contacts by Engagement in FunnelKit Automations

The engaged users will include all the users to whom you have not sent emails or who interacted in some way (opened the email, clicked on a link, etc.) with the emails you sent.

You can filter your contacts based on the engaged users by defining the period in the number of days.

Engaged users

The Unengaged users will include all the users who haven't interacted with the emails you sent to them in the specified time period.

Filter your unengaged contacts for a specific period of time (in days).

Unengaged users


Segment your contacts based on the email broadcasts you sent to them.

You can filter your contacts based on the broadcast you sent to them, whether they opened the broadcast, or whether they clicked on a link in the broadcast.

Filter contacts by Broadcast in FunnelKit Automations


Filter your contacts list based on the automations created in FunnelKit Automations.

You can segment your contacts based on whether they have entered, are currently active in, or have completed a particular automation.

Filter contacts by Automation in FunnelKit Automations


Filter your contacts based on the opt-in or checkout page created with FunnelKit's Funnel Builder.

You can segment your contacts if they have placed an order with a specific checkout page.

Advanced filter - FunnelKit Optin and Checkout page

How to Filter Your Contacts?

Select any of the categories above to filter your contacts.

In this case, we are selecting tags. You’ll get the option of either including or excluding these tags.

Filter by tags in FunnelKit Automations

Now, enter your tag name. As you type your tag name, it’ll suggest tags with similar names that you have created in FunnelKit Automations.

Segment by existing tag in FunnelKit Automations

You can further apply another filter on top of one.

Once done, click on the Filter button.

Please note that - only the contacts who matched these filters will show up on your screen.

Filter applied

If no contacts satisfy your filtering criteria, then you’ll get a prompt - No Contacts Found.

This is how you can filter contacts in FunnelKit Automations.

You can also save multiple filters as your audience to avoid setting them repeatedly, saving time.

Know everything about the audience in the next section.