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FunnelKit Automations


FunnelKit Automations can perform actions within your Mailchimp account.

Once you’ve connected Mailchimp to FunnelKit Automations, here’s a list of actions to set up automations.

  • Add tags
  • Remove tags
  • Add contact to a list
  • Remove contact from a list
  • Update custom (merge) fields, and many more.

Learn how to connect Mailchimp to FunnelKit Automations here

Let’s perform an automation with one of these actions.

Creating an Automation

Here we’ll be setting up an automation that will add a tag to your customer when they place an order.

Step 1: Create a new automation

Go to Automation and then click on Add New.

Add a new automation

Hit Start from Scratch and name your automation.

Name your automation

Click on Create.

Step 2: Select a trigger

For this, we will create the trigger as WooCommerce order created.

Step 3: Set an action

Here we will add the action as “Add a tag” under Mailchimp.

Click on Done.

Step 4: Name the tag to be added

Now, add the name of the tags using the merge tags provided.

Once done, click on the Save button.

You can check your Mailchimp account and see the details of your customer.

When your customer places an order, it will add the tag of the items you have purchased.