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Bounce Handling with Amazon SES

Follow the steps below to set up bounce handlers in Amazon SES:

Step 1: Log in to Amazon SNS Console

Go to Amazon SNS Console and log in to your AWS account.

Login to Amazon SNS console

Step 2: Create a topic

Go to Topics and click on the Create Topic button.

Go to topics and hit the create topic button

Step 3: Name your topic

Select the topic type as Standard. Now, enter a name for your topic.

Here, we have named our topic "My Bounce Handler".

Select standard and name your bounce handler

Step 4: Create a new subscription

You'll now get directed to a detailed view of your topic.

From here, click on the Create subscription button.

Create subscription

Choose the HTTPS protocol and check the option to enable raw message delivery.

Enable raw message delivery

Step 5: Go to FunnelKit Automations ⇨ Settings ⇨ Email

Open FunnelKit Automations and click on Settings.

Now, go to the Email section.

FunnelKit Automations - email settings

Step 6: Enable the bounce tracking settings

Scroll down and check the box under “Enable to capture bounced emails from the email service and mark Contact as Bounced”.

Enable bounce tracking under email settings

Select “Amazon SES” and copy the webhook URL.

Select Amazon SES and copy the webhook bounce tracking URL

Step 7: Configure your Amazon SNS subscription

Choose protocol ‘HTTPS’ and paste the FunnelKit Automations webhook URL.

Paste the code into endpoint

Once done, click on Create subscription.

After your subscription is successfully created, you’ll be redirected to the subscription detail page.

Subscription created

Refresh the page after a couple of minutes, and it’ll update the status as Confirmed.

Amazon SNS subscription verified

Step 8: Configure the Settings on the Amazon SES Console

Navigate to Verified Identities from your Amazon SES dashboard.

Here, you'll be able to see all the domains and email addresses that have been verified from your ownership.

🔔 Quick Note: If you are looking to set up notifications at the Domain Level, then you don't have to add individual email addresses.

If you already have the domain set up with bounce notifications, the individual email addresses will override the domain settings.

Verified SNS identities

Click on the email address you want to configure the bounce handling for.

You'll get directed to the details of that verified email address.

Details of the verified identity

From here, click on the Notifications tab.

Click on Edit next to the 'Feedback notifications' section.

Click on edit feedback notifications under the notifications section

Next, assign the Amazon SNS topic under the Bounce and Complaint feedback fields.

Enter bounce feedback

Click on the Save changes button when done.

Step 9: Test your settings

To test, create a contact in your CRM with this email ‘[email protected]’.  Send an email to it. It will bounce back, and the status of this contact will change to Bounced.

Bounced contact

That’s it! You have successfully configured bounce handlers in FunnelKit Automations.