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Unsubscribe Link

Unsubscribe Link allows your contacts to stop receiving promotional emails from you if they are not interested. However, they’ll continue to receive transactional emails.

As per the GDPR compliance, it’s mandatory to include unsubscribe links in all your promotional emails.

In this documentation, you’ll learn how to provide unsubscribe links to a broadcast and set up an unsubscribe page.

Note: Please note that you can also implement Unsubscribe Link on emails when creating Automations using the merge tag.

Configure Unsubscribe Page

First, you need to have an Unsubscribe page. This will be the page where users will be redirected to confirm further whether they want to unsubscribe or not. 

Once they unsubscribe, their subscription status will be marked as Unsubscribed in FunnelKit Automations.

Step 1: Go to Settings in FunnelKit Automations

Go to Settings and click on Subscribe Page.

Go to Settings in FunnelKit Automations

Step 2: Select an Unsubscribe Page

If you don’t have any page, you can create it from scratch and use these shortcodes written below.

For more information, you can go through the Subscribe Page settings section.

Select an Unsubscribe Page

Step 3: Use these shortcodes to create your Unsubscribe Page

Edit the page and insert these shortcodes. Once done, click on Update to save all the changes.

Use these shortcodes on your Unsubscribe Page

This is how you can create your Unsubscribe Page.

Set up the Unsubscribe Link on the email body

Step 1: Create your email body

If you’re new to FunnelKit Automations, we advise you to visit this link for detailed information on creating broadcasts.

Step 2: Insert unsubscribe link

Click on Add Unsubscribe Text to add an unsubscription link to your email content.

Add unsubscribe text

The unsubscribe link will be added here.

Step 3: Broadcast your email

Click on Send Now to broadcast your email immediately.

Broadcast your email

Testing the Unsubscribe Link

We have sent this email to a subscriber. This is his subscription status:

Subscribed contact

When the user clicks on this link on this email: 

They will then be redirected to the selected Unsubscribe page.

Once the user clicks on Unsubscribe and their preference is updated, they’ll opt out of all the promotional emails.

If you check their subscription status now, they’ll be marked as Unsubscribed.

Contact got unsubscribed

This is how the Unsubscribe Link works in FunnelKit Automations.