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Birthday Reminder

You can easily set up automations to contact your users on their birthday or when their special day is around the corner.

In this documentation, you’ll learn the configurations and the process of how to set up a birthday reminder automation with FunnelKit Automations.


There are a few things to configure before you start creating the birthday reminder automation:

  • Enable this option from the Settings section. This will add a date field on the checkout page whose value will be updated in the FunnelKit Automations’ contact profile default DOB field.
  • If you are using the FunnelKit’s checkout page from your funnel, you can simply drag and drop the field to your desired location:

If you are using the native WooCommerce checkout, specify the position of the DOB field and its label from here:

  • When your customer enters their date of birth on the checkout, the birthdate gets added to the contacts in FunnelKit Automations.
  • Enable the DOB field on WooCommerce Accounts from here:
  • You can even capture the date of birth of your customers after the checkout on the thank you page. Just enable this setting and embed this shortcode on your thank you page:

Make sure to click on Save Settings to lock all your changes.

Now you know about the basic settings, let’s set up the birthday reminder automation in FunnelKit Automations.

Creating the Birthday Reminder Automation

Step 1: Create a new automation

Go to Campaigns ⇨ Automations (Next Gen)

Then, click on Add New Automation.

Here, you’ll see the pre-built automation recipes.

Click on the Start from scratch option and name your automation.

Clicking on Create will add a new automation to your workflow.

Step 2: Select the birthday reminder event

Select the trigger - Birthday Reminder under Automations.

birthday reminder event trigger

Now, configure this event to trigger the automation on or before a contact's birthday:

  • On a contact's birthday - Automation will get triggered on the day of a contact's birthday.
  • Before a contact's birthday - This automation will get triggered a number of days before a contact's birthday.

Specify the time if you want it to run on the birthday:

Or specify the number of days before the birthday you want to trigger this automation:

Click on Save when done.

As per the event we configured, this automation will trigger for all contacts who have 5 days left before their birthdays at 10:00 AM.

Now you can specify the action for the birthday reminder automation.

Step 3: Select the action

Here, we will send an email. Therefore, click on the (+) icon and add an Action

You can create a personalized, dynamic coupon and share them with your users.

But we will keep the sequence short and simple.

Here, specify the Send Email action.

Click on Done.

Step 4: Write your email content

Type in your subject line, preview text and email body content.

Once done, click on the Save & Close button to lock all the changes and go back to your workflow.

Step 5: Activate your automation

Turn the toggle active to make your automation live.

You can also send an email on their birthday by assigning the delay till the day of their birthday and sending an email after it.

This is a simple birthday reminder automation. You can set up discounts or send multiple emails by adding different action steps to your workflow.

Well done! This is how you can successfully set up a custom birthday reminder automation.