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Contact's Status

FunnelKit Automations gives you the flexibility to control the subscription statuses of your contacts.

As the contacts can enter in different ways such as getting imported from CSV, submitting a form, etc., FunnelKit Automations gives you the control over adding/modifying the contact status in both the optin and non-optin processes.

The contacts in FunnelKit Automations can have one of the following four statuses:

  • Unverified
  • Subscribed
  • Bounced
  • Unsubscribed

In this documentation, you’ll learn about the subscription status of a contact in FunnelKit Automations.

Unverified Contacts

A contact will be put as ‘Unverified’ if they get added in FunnelKit Automations through a double-optin form but they haven’t clicked on the confirmation link yet.

You’ll not be able to send your promotional emails to unverified contacts until their subscription status changes to ‘Subscribed’.

Subscription status can be modified either by clicking on the confirmation link or manually changing the status in FunnelKit Automations.

Subscribed Contacts

A 'Subscribed' contact is a contact who has confirmed their subscription (in case of double opt-in settings) and has not unsubscribed or bounced.

In case the double-optin setting is turned off, the entered contacts will directly be marked as ‘Subscribed’.

You can send any type of email (whether transactional or promotional) to your subscribed contacts.

Bounced Contacts

A contact is labeled the 'Bounced' when an email sent to them is not delivered. FunnelKit Automations integrates with various email service providers and automatically marks contact as Bounced. 

Please note that you need to set up bounce handling in FunnelKit Automations to automatically filter and handle your email bounces.

FunnelKit Automations takes care of bounce handling and takes these contacts off your list with the help of custom rules that extracts the recipient’s email address.

Unsubscribed Contacts

A contact gets labeled as 'Unsubscribed' in FunnelKit Automations if:

  • They have manually unsubscribed by clicking on an unsubscribe link in an email campaign; OR
  • You have manually removed them from a list or from unsubscribe action in an automation

Please note that you cannot send promotional emails to unsubscribed contacts (transactional emails can be sent).

And that's it! This was all about the contact's status in FunnelKit Automations.